What is the primary purpose of ZooVarta?

Arthur Gumenyuk

head of the organization

We are the animal rights organization. Our main goal is to stop the massive destruction of animals at the legislative level.

Our goals include the following key priorities:


To save the rare species of wild animals from extinction.


To protect the planet from enviromental degradation by the creation of natural reserves both in Ukraine and other countries.


Humans are an integral part of ecosystem. The main goal of our organization is to ensure human-wildlife coexistence, where humans impact on the environment will be positive rather than harmful.

To achieve the result, we use the methods available to us to influence the situation:

Будь активным! Только действуя, ты поможешь нам сохранить природу и животных.

The environment of Ukraine includes the list of problems such as pollution, destruction of natural habitat, poaching and the absence of legislation protecting the nature. Join our team if you want to help our motherland!

Any action is better than no action: From voting on the site to volunteering and participating in investigations.